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Coralwood School

Dekalb County Schools


Dr. Melanie Castelle, Principal

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At Coralwood, the social-emotional development of our students and creating intentional awareness are critical in order for our students to be ready to learn.  If the heart is not ready, the mind won't be ready.  At Coralwood School, we have a culture of Coralwood Caring.
 Focusing on Lerner's 6 C's builds a strong social-emotional foundation for our students.
 Lerner’s 6 C’s

Competence: The ability to act e­ffectively in school, in social situations, and at work

Confidence: A sense of self-worth and mastery; having a belief in one’s capacity to succeed

Character: Taking responsibility; a sense of independence and individuality; connection to principles and values

Connection: A feeling of safety, structure, and belonging; positive bonds with people and social institutions

Contribution: Active participation and leadership in a variety of settings; making a di­fference

Caring: Sympathy and empathy for others; commitment to social justice

Competence feeds confidence, which becomes character, which makes it easier to make connections with others, and through those connections I can contribute.

Richard M. Lerner


Dr. Melanie Castelle,

Dr. Khadijah Muhammad
Assistant Principal

Carolyn Lanter 
Lead Teacher for Special Education

Keneshia Morris