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Below you will find important information about your child’s classroom. Please read through the expectations and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Change of Clothes

We will take frequent trips to the bathroom, however we request that your child has an extra change of clothing just in case there is a need for it.

Label Items

Please label every item with your child’s name in permanent marker. Label your zip lock bag of extra clothes as well as the tag on your child’s towel. Also, label lunch boxes, coats, and other items that might get lost or misplaced.

Rest time

We have a scheduled rest time for 1:20 pm. There will be calm music and dimmed lights during this time. If students fall asleep, we will let them sleep as necessary. Students who don’t need to sleep can listen to the music or look at a book quietly. As the year progresses rest time will be reduce in order to prepare your child for kindergarten.


Your child will receive a folder that will serve as a means of communication between home and school. Please check your child’s folder daily. Daily behavior sheets, notes, newsletters, etc. will be located in this folder. When you check it at home, please put it back in your child’s backpack so it will be there for us the next day.


Please inform us as to whether or not your child will be bringing breakfast and lunch from home, if not, please send money to purchase lunch from the cafeteria. Your child will have two choices for breakfast and lunch. Our school lunch menu is available on the DeKalb County School District website.The new online lunch money system is now Myschoolbucks.com. Breakfast is at 7:30 until 8:05 and lunch is at 12:00. We will have a snack at 10:25. Please ensure that if your child is bringing breakfast, snack and lunch from home that they are in separate, labeled lunchboxes or Ziploc bags.


Positive reinforcement and praise will be the first choice in handling classroom behaviors. Good listening, kindness, self control, and other age appropriate skills will be encouraged, modeled, and rewarded. Your child will be given the opportunity to earn classroom tickets during the week, which can be used to purchase items from our “treasure box”. Time away from activities will be used in the event that it is necessary. Time away will be given at the time the problem occurs after sufficient warning has been given. In the event that there are repeated behavioral problems, we will notify you. 

Along with our curriculum, we will emphasize character education. This will include sharing, honesty, respect, kindness, and caring for each other. We will teach the importance of each of these while learning about appropriate behavior and classroom expectations.


We will send home a weekly newsletter with classroom information. In the newsletter, we will include information about the skills we have been working on in our classroom and what we will work on the upcoming week.


If your child is sick please call the school office to let them know. If you foresee an absence ahead of time, please send us an email for our records.

Library Books

Your child will be given the opportunity to checkout one book from the library every Tuesday; This book will be in their backpack. We encourage you to read with your child to support literacy development. Ensure that your child returns the book by the following Tuesday.

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