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Continuous Improvement Plan
All schools develop a school improvement plan to keep instruction focused on a positive student outcome. These plans usually focus on a specific group of students in need of support or a school-wide initiative. Coralwood's Continuous School Improvement Plan (CSIP) focuses on both. Click Read More for more information.

Our leadership team and all staff studied our student achievement data for the past 2-3 years and determined that we needed to include some additional strategies and interventions to raise the reading and writing scores of our students with disabilities in PreK and Kindergarten, and for all students in Preschool. Our school-wide initiative this year is Project Based Learning (PBL) (more information on this in the next ChalkTalk). In addition to PBL, additional interventions focused on reading and writing will be implemented, along with the necessary professional development to effectively implement these. This professional development is funded by the generosity of the Coralwood Foundation (so please give generously during the Coralwood Challenge!). Please click on this link to review our CSIP. Contact Dr. Castelle with any questions.

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