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Dr. Melanie Castelle, Principal
Coralwood reflects the 4-C Curriculum: 

Dr. Melanie Castelle, Principal
Curriculum, as directed by the DeKalb County Board of Education, is the basis for the instructional program at Coralwood. Students receive instruction in all age-appropriate content areas.

Character education is realized by daily interaction with peers who reflect a diverse spectrum of physical abilities and skill levels.

Choice is a skill which is taught and not left to fate. Students are taught to recognize opportunities to make choices and to learn to apply a cognitive standard when doing so.

Confidence is a necessary characteristic for success. Daily participation in a risk-free environment, coupled with public presentations, builds confidence for students at every skill level.

The 4-C program, paired with dedicated master teachers, makes Coralwood a great place for students to grow and learn.
Dr, Melanie Castelle,

April Kaigler-Neely,
Assistant Principal

Lucinda Davis,
Lead Teacher for Special Education

Arelys Lopez,
Nikki Salter,
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